Lingnan (University) College has partnered with the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia (USA) and ESADE Business School (Spain) to offer a new Master of Science (M.S.) in International Business. The new programme is designed for recent high-achiver's business graduates, with the aim of training future business leaders in the implementation of global strategies and in the management of diverse, multicultural teams. The programme will explore the complexities of the global business environment from the North American, European and Asian perspectives.
Message from Three Deans
"Three schools work closely together with an aim to train future business leaders who can meet society's demands with excellent global acumen and cultural awareness. In this programme, students have an exceptional opportunity to be immersed in three different cultures and business environments to develop academic and professional abilities, which will be a valuable asset to their future careers."
Prof. LU Jun
Executive Dean of Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University, China
"The programme will provide a high-added-value experience that will prepare recent graduates – mainly from the Americas, Europe and Asia – to achieve excellence in the complex and dynamic global economy." "All three schools consider this programme to be an integrative proposal in terms of both the curriculum and the various components of the academic and vital experience."
Prof. Josep Franch
Dean of ESADE Business School, Spain
"The new program allows students to study on three continents and receive two master's degrees and a certificate from three world class business schools in one integrated experience. It marks a critical step forward in providing a new generation of business leaders with the skills and experiences they need to meet the challenges of today's demanding global business environment."
"We look forward to working in close collaboration with our outstanding partners at ESADE and Lingnan to ensure that the new program offers a truly world-class educational experience"
Prof. Carl Zeithaml
Dean of McIntire School of Commerce, Virginia University
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